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Main conditions for car rental and reservation


Airpot charge


Pick-up of a car in Vilnius Airport is free of chagre. We can also deliver the car, upon your request, to other airports or cities in Lithuania. The price of the delivery may vary and depends on the duration of car rental and place. Inquire additional information by VIARENTAS e-mail: or phone: +370 620 89998.


Documents and driver’s age


If you wish to rent a car, you need to have a valid driver’s license with a photograph and an identity card or a passport. The drive’s license should be valid for a least 3 months, counting from the day of the lease end. Also, you should not be younger than 21 years old and have at least 3 years of driving experience. The rented car may only be driven by a person/persons, included into the lease agreement. There is no charge for an additional driver, however, the data of the additional driver must be provided before signing the vehicle lease agreement.


Price and method of payment


Prices of the car rental are indicated for travel in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. If you wish to travel to other countries of the European Union, the confirmation of VIARENTAS is required. The price of car rental is calculated according to the number of days. One rental day – a 24-hour period, which starts from the moment the car is transferred to the lessee. If the car is returned with the delay of two hours, an additional rental day is charged. Deposit and the estimated rent is paid to the company at the beginning of the rental period. The amount of deposit depends on the car and rental risk, and varies between 150 euros to 500 euros. Rental prices for all cars are indicated with VAT. If you have another agreement with VIARENTAS, the applied charges may vary. In this case, please additionally contact VIARENTAS by e-mail: or phone: +370 620 89998.




Cars, leased by Viarentas, are in good technical condition, mainted, insured with civil liability insurane in respect of the use of vehicles. While reserving, you can choose a car based on its brand and model. Available cars are presented in the website. We cannot provide unconditional guarantees for your selected car, but we will try to ensure your requests and fulfill them maximally. If the reserved car cannot be delivered for rent due to unfavourable cinrcustances (in case of accident or technical failure), we will lease you another car of the same or higher class. In case of technical failure or accident of already leased car in the territories of Lithuania, we will provide you an alternative car.


Car delivery/ return


Cars are delivered/ returned to your preferable and suitable place and time, agreed in advance. If you wish to return the car to another place than it was anticipated during the signing of the agreement, you have to inform VIARENTAS at least 24 h before the end of the rental.


Mileage limits


The allowed mileage of a car is 400 hm within 24 hours, but not more than 5 000 km a month. In other cases – based on agreement. Inquire additional information by VIARENTAS e-mail: or phone: +370 620 89998.


Car equipment


Cars, leased by VIARENTAS, contain all the basic and customer comfort guaranteeing equipment: AM/FM CD/MP3 players, power steering, air conditioning, airbags, central locks and integrated security systems. We can offer to rent child car seats of different sizes and GPS navigation systems together with a car for an additional charge.




You have to pay for fuel necessary for the use of a car. If you have received a car with a full tank, you have to return the car with the full tank or to pay for the missing amount of fuel 2,00 euros a liter. If the fuel tank of a car is not full at the beginning of the lease, during the reception-transmission of the car, you have to return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was at the beginning, at the end of the lease.


KET/ road traffic rules


Having rented a car, you undertake the responsibility to follow the road traffic rules. If, during the car rental, you commit a road traffic offence, VIARENTAS, having received a notification, information about the offence, transfers it to the relevant institutions of the country. An additional administration charge is applied for the transference of driver’s data to the institutions – price for each separate road traffic offence is 10 euros.


* additional condition may arise, when concluding the agreement.





"Viarentas" car rental in Vilnius gives you a good price to quality ratio. "Viarentas" vehicle park offers economic, standard and business class cars, which will allow each passenger to enjoy a comfortable ride in any direction. We engage car rental in Vilnius and throughout Lithuania for the convenience of our customers. "Viarentas" offers competitive prices for both short-term and long-term car hire, also car hire at Vilnius airport together with safe and comfortable journeys.


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